Brand New Jersey Devil Coaster

Colin Eckhardt

There has been a 14-year custom roller coaster drought in New Jersey’s largest theme park, Six Flags Great Adventure. Last year when Six Flags announced the new attractions for each of its major parks, Great Adventure was given the largest investment to build the Jersey Devil Coaster which would debut in 2021.


The Jersey Devil Coaster is designed and built by American manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC). The coaster’s innovative design utilizes a single rail instead of the standard 2 rails that most roller coasters use. The rollercoaster is designed to have riders sit single file unlike the normal side-by-side seating. This is the 3rd ever of its kind with it also being the largest. The 2 coasters preceding this being located in Texas and California.


According to the new for 2021 Great Adventure page, the new coaster will be at a height of 130 feet, reach a top speed of 53 miles per hour, traverse 3,000 feet of track length, descend down the drop at 87°, and whip through 2 massive inversions (Zero-G stall, and a Zero-G roll).  The theme of the ride is also very unique and based off the legend of the Jersey Devil. The Jersey Devil is a folklorish beast that inhabits the Pine Barrens of South Jersey, which fits the park’s location and the placement of the coaster itself within the park. Theming the coaster after such a unique tale and beast can lead to some creative marketing that draws in the crowds.


The coaster was originally planned to open during the 2020 season but due to world events, it got delayed to 2021. Hopefully, the coaster will open on schedule and bring crowds from surrounding states to experience this unique thrill ride, and will, no doubt, be an instant hit with guests.