The Broad Street Frenzy

Zachary Megara

Following another upsetting loss Saturday night the Philadelphia Flyers fall in points even more, making fans worry that playoffs may not be in the picture this year. After another huge 6-1 loss to the Islanders, the Flyers failed to catch up to the teams ahead of them, and in the wake of passing the mid season mark, fans are starting to get angry. 

The Flyers came into this season with expectations to go all the way this year after a heartbreaking loss in the playoffs last year, but with all of the defensive struggles, and goalie struggles the flyers have fallen off track and are starting to lose out of playoff contention. The Flyers Oscar Lindblom decided to drop his gloves after falling behind 4-0 early in the first period. This was a huge moment in the game because Oscar just beat cancer last year and he risked his body and his health to help his team get back in the game, After this fight the Flyers were able to score their first goal, but the Islanders, who are one of the best defensive teams in the league ,responded right back and the Flyers had no answer, and lost 6-1. This game would have been huge for the Flyers to get within one point of the playoffs, but now they are two games behind a team who is starting to get back on track. After watching this sad effort by the team as of late, fans are pushing Flyer General Manager Chuck Fletcher to go out and trade for a top defender, because losing games 6-1 and out-shooting the other team shows how poorly the defense and goalies have played. If the Flyers do not make a move soon then they can say goodbye to their hopes for the playoffs.