Trending Halloween Costumes For 2021


Matthew Dillon

Photo Credit by: Matthew Dillon

Alissa, Staff Writer

Spooky season is here and many people are celebrating this year. I have seen many people putting up decorations for Halloween. Halloween is just around the corner and many people like to dress up according to the current trends. A new series has been out since September 17, called “Squid Game ”. I myself have watched this show in less than a week and I’m obsessed.It has gone viral all over Tiktok and other social media. People have cosplayed as the characters from the show and there are multiple online sites selling costumes for halloween. Some of my friends plan on dressing up as characters from “Squid Game”. As for me, I plan on dressing up as a cow. 

I personally think it’s so cool that each year for halloween the current trends around september- October influences most people’s costumes. Last year so many people dressed up as Among Us characters such as myself or in 2019 when Fortnite costumes  trended because of the popular video game. In the early 2000s dressing up like Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, and even the Cheetah girls (from the Disney movie) were trending costumes.

Every year there are different costumes trending and, even though there are so many new ideas for Halloween costumes, I love to see the classics such as witches, ghosts, zombies, vampires, and other typical  monsters. I feel like they can really give you the Halloween aesthetic. It sure gets me into the Halloween spirit. So what will you be for halloween?