Power Point Nights


Ciara Robinson


PowerPoint Parties: Socially Distant Yet Fun Activity 

When you think of power points, what runs through your mind? A presentation for a school assignment or work. For a long time PowerPoint presentations have been viewed as something that was of a serious nature, but the tables have turned. A new trend has been taken over these slide presentations. Essentially a PowerPoint party is when you have a group of friends create slideshows on anything and everything. The topics of your slideshow can be on a serious matter or something lighthearted; it is all up to you. When it comes to the slides themselves you can give them a cool theme, add photos, put videos, or even gifs to spice them up. In order to present the slides you can use google meet or zoom to meet with each other which will allow you to present your slideshow to everyone, and see everyone’s reactions.

This activity allows for you to connect with friends or family without having to see each other in person, and avoid the spread of germs. I recently had a small get-together with a few friends in which we had a PowerPoint party. While in some instances you could choose a theme night such as superheroes, books, tv shows, etc. we did not have a theme it was a free for all. I chose to rate superheroes from least to greatest based on how I personally felt about them. My other friend chose to rate fast-food french fries. It was possibly one of the best quarantine activities I have ever done, it sparks great conversation, offers some great laughs, but most of all it allows you to make memories with the ones you love!