Longest Road Trip Traveled by Foot From South Africa to Russia!


Featured image by Sumera Jahan

Aysha, Staff Writer

The world’s longest walkable road has been discovered! This youtube video, presented by the Bengali news channel, has provided a brief description regarding this topic. Starting from Cape town, South Africa to Magadan, Russia, 22,387 kilometers in length, is considered to be the world’s longest walkable road. The road was formed within the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. 

No train, bus, or car is required to cross this road. There are bridges across rivers so there is no requirement of plane or boat. If one walks eight hours a day, it would take five hundred and eighty seven days to finish this journey, and one hundred and ninety four days if walked non- stop. Climbing up and down Mount Everest thirteen times would be equivalent to the length of this road.

On the way, the traveller would pass seventeen countries, six time zones, and would experience season changes. Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Georgia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Romania, and Belarus are the countries which the travellers would pass by during their journey.

If a traveller wants to walk from South Africa to Russia, the journey would start from L’Agulhas, a coastline village in South Africa. After that comes Zimbabwe; this country is famous for wildlife so one might see lots of wild animals on their way. Crossing this country would be exciting as well as challenging. Then comes Zambia, while crossing this country the traveller would pass by Uganda’s National Park. After Zambia comes Sudan; after entering Sudan the traveller would pass some parts of the Sahara Desert. In order to go from Sudan to Egypt, there are no better ways so the traveller has to go through the roads of Jordan. After Jordan comes Israel, Syria, Turkey and Georgia. After crossing Georgia, the traveller has to walk through the roads of Siberia to finally reach Russia.

There have been numerous world records by people who had walked long distant roads but until now, no one had tried this one out. What are your thoughts about it?