Why Indian and Iranian Women are Fighting for Their Right to Choose?


Sumera Jahan, Staff writer

Rights. Freedom. Every second somebody in this world is fighting for their rights, for their freedom. But why do they have to fight for their rights? After all, we are all human, so why should one have to fight for their rights while the other abuses their power, taking away one’s rights and freedom? We just don’t call this human rights, we give this right a variety of names. As an example, Black rights, Asian rights, Hispanic rights, gender equality, women’s rights, and so on. Now the question is why does women’s rights exist separately from human rights? When in all the other struggles, all the genders are fighting together for their rights. 

Even in the 21st century, women must fight for their rights. Women in Iran are forced to wear a hijab. If they don’t obey their government law, they’re getting abused or killed. Iran is a country in Western Asia ruled by the Islamic Republic of Iran, also known as Persia. The Iranian government is taking away all women’s rights under the guise of Islamic law. Despite the fact that it is not written anywhere in Islamic books that a person can force a woman to wear a hijab or decide what kind of clothes she should wear. The issue here is not Islamic law, but rather the government and its laws. The people of the government are not educated at all. They are not educated in any way, including their religion. Iran doesn’t educate their people. And this type of thing happens all the time when people aren’t properly educated for a particular topic. 

So, what exactly is a hijab? Why is it associated with Islam? Hijab is a head covering worn by Muslim women. Hijab is more than just a head covering; it has a deeper meaning. It is the concept of modesty, which includes a person’s behavior. When a woman wears a hijab, she conceals her external beauty. It is believed in Islam that when a woman wears a hijab, “Allah” (the god in Arabic) protects her from evil eyes and acts as the Almighty’s shield. It can also be used to find those people who adore her inner beauty rather than her outer beauty. In Islam, it is forbidden to force a woman to wear a hijab or to decide what kind of clothes she should wear. If someone does this in Islam, they are the ones who are sinful, not those who choose to wear what they want. If those law of Iran is nowhere found in Islamic books, then why are people on the internet criticizing Islam not the law of Iran? Because people are waiting for an excuse to criticize the Muslims and their beliefs. People don’t like it when somebody is slightly different from them. USA has a history of islamophobia because of 9/11 attacks. It happens all over the world. When a Muslim goes through something, the world does not talk about that topic that much or sometimes avoid it completely. 

For example in India women are fighting for their right to wear hijab because Southern Indian states prohibit wearing hijab in school and college, by saying that Muslim  headscarves or hijabs are not a necessary religious practice in Islam. Not only in India, but in many other countries or states, the hijab or burqa (full-body covering dress) is prohibited. Such as French, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Switzerland, China and so on. Women all over the world are fighting for their rights. Someone is fighting for the right not to wear a hijab, while another is fighting to wear one. Both are fighting for their rights to choose what they want. 

Now it may seem like its all because of the hijab or Islam. But it’s not true, because if it’s true then why are women in the US fighting for their right to have an abortion? Why are they saying that it’s their body, their choice? The reason is, our world is too male dominated. All the laws that question women’s rights, were all made by men. Throughout history women always had to fight for their rights every moment. Whenever in history women saw a women’s right movement, they thought I don’t have to fight for my rights anymore. But they were proved wrong every time. Why, no matter how hard we try, can’t we change the world? Because we are not united enough in this fight. Because we treat every situation differently, even if it’s the same fight. So fight for human rights, don’t give it a name or treat it differently. We all born and we all die, we are the same kind, we are no different from others.