“Ad Astra Abyssoque”

“To the stars and the abyss,” a game review of Genshin Impact

Ellen Chen

A brand new RPG game available for PC and mobile, released in late 2020 has topped the charts in both the Google Play Store and App Store! Personally, I have had this game for around half a year already, starting back when it first let out. In my opinion, Genshin Impact has to be one of the best free-to-download games out there! Genshin is essentially an open-world, action game where players are able to explore to their heart’s content and enjoy the wonderful storyline provided by the developers. This game also allows for the ability to co-op, or play along with your friends. Not to mention, you’ll be able to meet thousands of other global players as well.

Genshin Impact monetizes through a game system called Gacha. This is essentially where a player will spend a certain amount of in-game currency in order to obtain the item they desire, say, a time limited character or weapon. Even if you are not one to spend money on a game, Genshin has much more to offer. The in-game currency for the gachas, called wishes, can be obtained from just playing the story and the many quests given to you. 

From a variety of creative characters to a wide spread of weapon and artifact choices, the combinations you can make are endless! Additionally, being released just last year, Genshin has continued to provide updates! Based on announcements made by the developers of Genshin, there will be more maps, items, mini games, and events to come in future years! You will find more and more interesting places to explore, hundreds of treasures waiting to be opened, new enemies to battle with, and numerous character storylines coming in the near future! So try out Genshin Impact, and you’ll feel the addiction of an RPG like this one. Spreading across from mobile to PC to even the PS4, anyone can easily download this game and find themselves in a new world of incredible graphics and game plot!